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Use of this web site requires acceptance of the following simple rules. It is your responsibility to review and abide by all rules that are listed below. By creating your account with yakimascan.com, you are agreeing that you have fully read and understand the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and that you will NOT violate the rules that have been written. This web site is for entertainment purposes only and was developed solely and specifically for that purpose by the feed operator and the web designer. Using this web site requires registering with a username, password, and E-Mail address. This is to secure your username and record your IP address. Your E-mail address entered here is not sold, leased or rented to any third party and is for the sole purpose of site administrators to communicate with you and for sending updates to you, etc..


The Posting Board:

Is for discussing the radio traffic heard on the scanner and/or other Public Safety action in the Yakima County area. If you find you are unable to follow the conditions do not post. Remember, posting on the board is privilege and can be revoked at anytime. In order to maintain the quality and accuracy of the information posted on this site the webmaster or moderator may take action if needed. The board has the ability for users to be banned and posts to be deleted or edited in the opinion of the moderator. This is not a board to post complaints and may result in being banned. Any and all questions regarding the web site or feed should be sent via E-Mail to the Administrator or moderator.

(1) This is not a social chat room. There are plenty of other sites to socialize on. Keep your posts related to Public Safety activities in the Yakima area and what is heard on the scanner. Avoid multiple consecutive posts. Wait and listen for information about the event before posting. Posting only correct and accurate information and not speculative conclusions or erroneous information is acceptable. Be descriptive and informative. Do not post a running dialog of transmissions heard on the scanner. Most people on the site are listening in. It is ok to list the major events going on, but there is no need to post every Fire Engine or Police Unit that is on scene.

(2) No negative comments or opinions about the police or fire agencies or how they operate. Negative comments about ethnic groups, other listeners and site users or anyone suspected of breaking the law will not be tolerated and will be heavily moderated.

(3) In accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Privacy Act of 1974, this site will not be a resource for reporting or printing suspect, victim or public safety official’s private and personal information heard on the scanner. Private and personal information includes names, phone numbers, addresses, health conditions or any other information that you yourself wouldn’t want the public to know. If there is a structure fire on 1234 N. ABC Rd, you can post that the fire is located on the 1200 block of ABC Rd but do not give an exact address. It is also discouraged to post violent, gory or suicide call info.

(4) The use of profanity is prohibited. Profane words are not needed and will be auto-censored using asterisks (****). Do not attempt to use variations or obvious substitutions of profane words to get around the censor.

(5) Do not use ALL CAPS. Self explanatory.

(6) No spamming, advertising or promoting unless it is Public Safety related, i.e., Fire Department fundraiser or public events where police and/or fire might be represented. (The following types of posts are restricted on the board)

(7) Excessive chit-chat postings are prohibited. An example would be “I used to live on that street” or “is there anything going on tonight?” “I have to get up early, so I am going to bed”. Remember, only post facts and information pertaining to the scanner feed that you have heard. Users should be able to see what happened 4 hours ago without having to sort through the chit-chat conversations.

(8) Excessive postings in a 24 hour period are automatically filtered. When a maximum number of posts (over 30) are entered in a specific time period, the poster will be locked out for a duration of up to 24 hours or more. This is to restrict flooding and excessive postings.

(9) Posts should be concise,


Posting Photos:

As this web site will allow user updated content, photos will be saved in categories, Sorted by user name, and is subject to being viewed by all visitors. Any and all questionable photos will be removed and your account will be deleted!. There are no second chances!

(1) Photos; please keep the uploaded photos to images you capture from your cell phone or camera, and in-line with the category your posting to.

(2) Photo Captions See posting board.


Blog Posts

(1) Posting to the blog is reserved for members, Please keep post related stories of the "High Profile Alerts" such as links to related news articles that are associated with the alert.

In order to provide a great service to our listeners we encourage that you immediately report any problems or errors that you may experience on this site via email to either the Administrator or the Moderator. This will help us resolve the problem in a timely manner so that we can limit ‘downtime’ of our feed to our listeners.


Yakimascan.com is a non-profit based website. By listening to the scanner feed you are agreeing to use it for entertainment purpose only. Any misuse or reproduction of this live feed for illegal activities can lead to criminal charges. This site is to honor our Fire, Police and EMS personnel. The contents of this web site and internet broadcast are in no way associated with the agencies that it is broadcasting.